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  1. Up until Holloway came there was very little glory in being a Blackpool fan lol

    Been an amazing ride. Sounds daft to say, but despite getting relegated from the Premier League by 1 lousy point, and losing the play off final last season, the past 2 years have been the most incredible ride in my life as a Blackpool fan.

    I think we have an excellent chance of promotion, although there are some very good teams in the Championship. Its a great league, and as GUTTED I was when West Ham did us, the Championship is just so damn fun!
  2. Nah, im just the opposite! Don't get to many away, but try and get to quite a few home If we can sort our away form out though I think we'll be in with a shout! Cos we've been good at home so far.

    I must say, it's nice to talk championship with someone, since everyone on here seems to be glory fans!!
  3. Cheers mate, did you go? I live in Rotherham so don't get to many home games. Go quite a few away though. Its early days, still think you'll be up there in the mix come the end of the season
  4. Well played, good game
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