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  1. Cause the boys know how it goes. Just like how we know how Sam's butt goes bye-bye-bye.
  2. Spoken like a true cowboy fan.
  3. Excuse me while I laugh as EVER GAME MATTERS.
  4. Meh, its because I know Seattle can get it done when it really matters.
  5. Look at you being a good sport. Hey one day the Seahawks might go back to their glory days. All they have to do is #BOlieve.
  6. Lol fair enough
  7. But the "train wreck" has King James with them.
  8. America loves a good train wreck.
  9. Yet they are the most covered team by all sports networks.
  10. Friendly reminder that the cowboys haven't mattered in two decades. #RepeatInSeattle
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