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  1. The Seahawks are in the playoff picture you dork. LOL Oh man, you make me laugh sometimes.
  2. Guess who still has a great chance for playoffs and who doesn't? One of them has Romo while the other has No QB, No Offensive Line, Overrated Defence Player...... oh and they have Lynch but who cares about him.
  3. Cause the boys know how it goes. Just like how we know how Sam's butt goes bye-bye-bye.
  4. Spoken like a true cowboy fan.
  5. Excuse me while I laugh as EVER GAME MATTERS.
  6. Meh, its because I know Seattle can get it done when it really matters.
  7. Look at you being a good sport. Hey one day the Seahawks might go back to their glory days. All they have to do is #BOlieve.
  8. Lol fair enough
  9. But the "train wreck" has King James with them.
  10. America loves a good train wreck.
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