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  1. yea, I'm a couple weeks behind now I think... I really like that show though... I don't know if it should of been a sherlock show... It might of been better off as just a drama with another character.
  2. Had beenn, got kind of behind. beenn spending alot of time at the gfs and she doesn't have DVR. Hopingto catch up in the next few weeks on ALL of my shows though haha
  3. nice... have you been watching elementary?
  4. First two seasons are
  5. yes... is it on netflix?
  6. Do u have netflix?
  7. I have heard alot of hype for this season... much more than I heard for it in previous seasons.
  8. Oh ya. the first 2 seasons are ok with good/great moments, but so far season 3 has been stellar
  9. Not really, I always have something that conflicts with it... is it worth watching?
  10. I just saw a first real glimpse at it tonight, and it looks promising. Are you a fan of TWD at all?
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