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  1. Yo' Dennis, I have a question. Tell me why I don't see D'Boy signed up to our PWR roster?

  2. No worries Dennis, I got it now mate. Thanks anyways.
  3. Um, I'll try but I'll need to get the hyperlink from Zero for the IWA thread. It might take me a bit but I'll try for ya buddy.
  4. Dennis, I need a favor please! Can you send me the Akira bio from HQ please? I have deleted the copy I had and need to update it for PWR.
  5. Hahah, so distracting!
  6. Sure did, man.

    It's safe to say, it's your best one yet.
  7. Did you see my sig!?
  8. She's baaacccckkkkkkkk!

  9. My reaction to seeing you post that gif...

  10. AJ back in the WWE? Here's my reaction!

    As you say.. For her wrestling ability. Obviously.
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