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  1. TOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday to the greatest ol' man on eWN!

    Hope Drunk Tom makes an appearance today somewhere! lol
  2. That is a clip from one of my favorite shows that is airing it's last episode tonight so I thought I'd give it some credit for a week or so and place it in my sig. The show is called Community, it's a pretty amazing show... If you haven't watched it yet it's for sure worth the watch.
  3. God damn it Dennis! As if Deschanel over gesticulating wasn't bad enough, you replace it an obnoxious looking black woman with a shit eating grin and a 'LOL white Peoples' doing the same. That sig is really gonna fucking bug me!
  4. It's not been showing up for weeks bud, i've just not been arsed to change it yet

    It was of Punk putting an anaconda vise on someone with a close up of Heyman smug face
  5. What's your sig picture of... it's not showing up for me.
  6. hahah good call.
  7. Just a friendly headsup Den. You might want to change that 'your' in your signature disclaimer to a you're before anyone sees it, and they all jump on you because of it
  8. ....................

    Ignore me, double post
  9. haha thanks. iron ape said it though so watch the sheep follow along
  10. Errrm... probably. Donny does come across as a bit of a bitch!
    For the record, I don't see you as a Donny
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