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  1. Yes. Yes I am.
  2. HAHAHA you're going to keep me to the 1 a week deal?
  3. You have five days to write another one by the way.
  4. Yea, I am thinking I will actually try to post one a week. I have been reading the blogs on here for a while, so I know the top ten blogs tend to be hard to read. I will avoid that at all costs lol.
  5. Oh, hell no I didn't lol. I expect you to continue as well. It was very well written despite what the hecklers say. We need more actual bloggers on the site. Don't fall into the "top 10" trap and everything will be awesome.
  6. I did write that blog... I was wondering if you actually expected me to write a blog lol.
  7. You didn't write that blog that was posted from your name?
  8. LOL, Did you expect me to actually do a blog?
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