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  1. I haven't seen you around much lately so I thought you deserved a random gif.

  2. Buahaha... duel main events of the same match.

    It's all good man, stuff happens.
  3. Not your fault, mate. I asked Kash to do it and get it to me by 6 (couple of hours ago). I should have chased him up before asking you. Sorry.

    I may post both matches anyway.
  4. Buahah... I was trying to get it done with in the hour. I was over by a few minutes but I didn't want to seem super rushed lol. Little did I know...
  5. PMSL! Oh, what a mess!

  6. I just posted it in the cave... lol

    ugh... lol
  7. Den! Stand down! Kash has done it! lol
  8. Thank you.
  9. Yes, I do... Started the match already.
  10. Main event tag match. Do you still have the PM?
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