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  1. Benny.. I'm sorry man!

    I just read that promo and man, that was hard to read.
    Nothing but respect though and I'm obviously very sorry to hear about your loss.
  2. Benny, last PM, don't worry about it.

    I understand.

    However, PM me back about the promo I did, still not heard back and want to know if it matches with what you are planning and so on.
  3. Benny, I know you are busy dude but it's important.

    Can you reply to my PM when you get the chance.
  4. Alright.

    (10 Char)
  5. I've not read it yet. Been too busy. But I will. XD
  6. Bro, was the promo okay?
  7. Only members of the Revs roster have been confirmed thus far. You'll have to ask Eddie.
  8. Bro, can you let me know who's confirmed for the Asylum Match so far please? I remember most from Rev, but not fully aware and looking to give a couple a mention in my promo.
  9. Yo' bud, let me know when you have decided on that thing yeah? I can put the final touches together then and take on any feedback or what ever you may have before settling on the idea.
  10. Nice! No worries pal, I know you have been busy.
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