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  1. Really, i guess we all needed a break from this place
  2. I'm glad, man.

    Actually, I've been off radar for about a year now. I've only just popped back to see what's what. lol
  3. Life is good for me as well.

    Glad you are still here as a member
  4. Life's good, man. How about yourself?

  5. Back from the dead man like the UNDERRRTTTAAAKKKEEERRRR!

    How's life?
  6. It's been this long since puberty. Chunky too. It's how I please the ladies.
  7. its been that long?
  8. Now there's a blast from the past!

  9. No ill feelings at all, Shag.

    Now put your vagina away, yer big girly.
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