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  1. No ill feelings at all, Shag.

    Now put your vagina away, yer big girly.
  2. Hey bro i feel bad about what happen between us, i just want to know if you are ok with me. Because to be honest with you i know you from a wrestling forum but that doesn't stop me from considering you a friend of mine.
  3. And honestly i wanted to do it but i never found time to do it
  4. Nobody called you a lair, Maggs. Just pointing out that if you wanted to, you would have messaged me.
  5. Oh well Benny if you think that I'm lying then its your right to believe that. I said what i said that was honest truth. I was always honest with you
  6. And the subsequent three posts you made within an hour conversing with Tommy about your decision: no time for that either?

    I'm not picking a fight, but I find it a bit shitty that - as your tag team partner - I never got a courtesy message and you can say "lack of time" as much as you want but it's bollocks. I've even waited nearly a week later for you to say something and you haven't, and you have been online and posting.

    But what's done is done. All the best, Maggs.
  7. Well guess what i didn't had the time to do it. I posted that while i was in job kinda hard to do it when you are not aloud to carry your phone with you. I was planning later today or tomorrow to ask you what are you gonna do with your character from now on. Sorry but I'm deadly busy.
  8. I know about the post. I also know it takes mere seconds to send a PM or a VM saying "Bro, I've not got time to do this tag team anymore. Sorry."
  9. I left a post in the EWNCW thread and that the was only thing i could have done with the minimal free time i have
  10. planning on telling me directly about your plans for wanting to remove Angelo from the feds and subsequently splitting up Hostile Takeover, or shall I just keep relying on the grapevine to get my info?
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