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  1. Yeah, laptop issues suck man!

    No problem man, I get curious from time to time how the people around here who aren't posting as frequently are doing.
  2. Cheers mate nice of you to say hi. Shame about your lap top mines about to hit the skids big time
  3. I have been ok I guess. My laptop totally messed up so I'm using a backup right now. Just figured out I got the wrong part to fix it too... Yep, that's pretty annoying.

    Sounds good man. I just hasn't seen you around lately, thought I'd see how you were doing.
  4. Everything is good mate, between work and my daughter and my extended internet interests and not having any duties on E-Fedding as of late just havent been on too much, how have you been
  5. Hey man, haven't seen you around much. Everything cool?
  6. you mean the one about my GF? its a stressful time man thanks for asking though we have got in home care which is good for the both of us
  7. Hey what's up man? Things calm down for you yet? You seemed super stressed when you posted your recent efed thread.
  8. Do you want to ic?
  9. You are online! IWA time Mr Israel!!!
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