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  1. Hey thanks for the message. No need at all for you to apologize. I deserved to get ripped apart by everyone and i can take it on the chin. Thanks all the same. I must admit Bob Backlund is very much up there with my all time favorites. I also loved Bret back in the day but hate what he has become now. If there was a gun to my head and i had to pick my all time favorite wrestler and i know this is cliche, but id pic Rick Flair. The work he could do on the mic, his acting and all round wrestling ability in my opinion makes him the best there ever was. I hate however watching all these legends let themselves go or act in a manner not befitting of them in their later years. Out of the modern wrestlers of today, i have big time for The Miz, Danial Bryan, Ziggler and most people wont like it but John Cena also.
    Anyway once again thanks for the message was nice to see at least one or two people understood and accepted my apology.
  2. Hey Underdog, I just wanted to thank you for apoligizing to Bear. It takes a big man to that, which obviously you are. That's an admirable trait. I want to apoligize to you for being one of the ones that ripped you, it's easy to type behind a keyboard, which is what I did. You seem to love wrestling and know a lot about it. So I hope you accept my apoligy. I was only about 9 or 10, my bro a year younger when Bob came back a fueded with Bret Hart, I'm a huge Hart mark BTW. We were both like "who the hell is Bob Backlund?". My dad got pissed and told us that he is a legend and grew up himself idolizing Bob. The man can wrestle! I thought you were just a little too harsh, something I do myself. But I truly repsect you for having the balls to apoligize, I hope you accept my apoligy. With that said, I'm very interested to know who your favorite wrestler is. Mine, the excellence of execution, who is yours and why?
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