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  1. I'll ask again, could you please message me next time you're online please. It's important man.
  2. Hey man, drop me a message here when you're on here today. I'd like to sort out Rage today if possible.
  3. Yeah, it'll still be in the batcave we're discussing things.
    And yeah, I'll fill you in on things whenever you're on man.
  4. no probs bro!

    EDIT: Is it the batcave still??? I heard theres all this efed drama, so im not really sure of whats going on tbh
  5. No worries man! Judging by the matches, I assume you had a good time!
    But yeah, just a heads up that we'll be sorting the next set of shows out over the weekend
  6. Ill be here tommorow dude! Sorry, I was over in Poland for a few days, and Im ill at the mo, really bad flu lol. I can work on the show tommorow, but yes everything is cool! Thnx for ur concern!
  7. Hey man. Haven't seen or heard from you in a while, everything ok?
    Just letting you know that we're sorting out the next set of shows over the weekend, so make sure you're around when we're doing that!
  8. so my second match ends in a no-contest correct? B'Stone vs Gruber
  9. I've given you 2 matches.
    Check the Pain for Treasure thread in the ppv section of the batcave.
  10. Yes go right ahead
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