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  1. I'll get them to you
  2. Just a reminder, I need your Undertaker/Goldberg promos for today You have around 7 1/2 hours from the time this was sent.
  3. Dude, can you send me the first 3 parts of the Nitro promo. I accidentally deleted it :/
  4. Cheers dude
  5. Ok bud... just sent it to you.
  6. Dude, send me the promo, and I'll post it in HQ for THBK and G.G.G.
  7. Doing better, but I messed up my back in the accident. Couldn't move around at all for a while. My wife was doing everything for me, God bless her soul. But i'm able to walk around now on my own, and do things on my own now. I came out like this, and the guy that hit me, and who happened to be drunk, left without a single scratch.
  8. Well, I knew the person who was Undertaker was considering leaving, but nothing was guaranteed, however THBK is the boss, so he may know more than meAnd sorry to hear about your accident, how are you?
  9. And I didn't disappear on purpose... I was involved in a horrible car accident in June and have been recovering all this time.
  10. That's why I sent an email to THBK and he said I can assume the role of Undertaker. I asked him if he was still available if not so I can choose someone else, and he said someone was using him just for a fued. I can forward you the email if you wanna see it man.
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