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  1. Yeah... I will send it first thing in the morning bro. I've been swamped with work today, but I'll get it to you..
  2. Hey u need to get me your part of the taker promo
  3. Just saw your message... ok bro.
  4. hey I saw our Hogan/Sandow promo and realized it's my turn. Ill do that tomorrow morning, then send it to you, and you can finish it off ok?
  5. Hey did u turn our promo for raw in?
  6. I saw, I just haven't had a chance to read it yet
  7. Sent you the Chaos Match assignment bro.
  8. hey just saw assignment. Ill get first part to you tomorrow
  9. Cool bro... I'll start working on Frenzy and Intensity.... I have some ideas for those.
  10. I like it bro! Ill def use it on the next show!
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