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  1. Ok bro... thanks for the compliment.
  2. It's freaking sick dude! I posted it in the cave for others to see
  3. Also check ur email and let me know if the Frenzy Show banner works for you all.
  4. Yeah sure... It's been a tough 2 days. Tomorrow should be easier, but won't know till the morning. I will get my promo done though bro.
  5. No worries. Would you rather I just do it and I'll hook you up with a match for the next show?
  6. I will work on it first thing in the morning. I've been busy these last 2 days bro. I will also get my promo to you as well.
  7. If you sent it to my email, I will check right now Also, how goes your match for Chaos?
  8. Did you get the frenzy show poster bro?
  9. I'll send u the promo first thing tomorrow morning. I'm out of town and coming in tonight bro.
  10. Sent you the Taker/Orton promo bro.
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