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  1. you are my new favorite person
  2. sending you the posters right now
  3. Any update on those posters bro
  4. Yes on the Chaos... Yes on the Last Resort Poster and Yes on the Match. I will work on it tomorrow. I believe I have till the 2nd of Feb.
  5. Hey bud ya never got back to me on my questions about the chaos and last resort poster. Also, next time your on, asides from an answering those two questions i had, i also need to know if you can do the match i assigned ya or not. Thanks bud!
  6. I'm heading home. Not going to be able to do it till Wed. Sorry :/ also, if you can't do that match, pass it off to Vand. Thanks bro!
  7. Sent you the promo
  8. No problem... I can get a poster going and we can add the date in later.
  9. Hey i know you said you like to have notice for posters/banners. I can tell you the one for the next PPV we need. We are skipping our Feb PPV, to give the march one more of a build up. The march PPV will be called Last Resort. Don't need it till the beginning of Feb, but i figure this gives you time to brain storm and what not. Don't worry about a date, as we haven't settled on one. Any questions bro?
  10. You deserve it. That's my favorite poster so far bro
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