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  1. Dave!

    Where you at, Homes?
  2. A few broken bones. Some idiot didn't make a stop and crashed into my ex-wife's car, and my little girl was in the back seat. Most of the impact was in the back area, but she is doing fine now. It was just a horrible weekend.
  3. Sorry to hear that, Shake. Nothing too serious I hope.
  4. Thanks bro... will do. I've been out these past 4 days, my little girl was in the hospital, thank God she's doing better.
  5. You may wanna look in the IWA thread. Your poster has been getting a lot of plaudits.
  6. No problem... don't forget my usual fee... a few bottles of JD and a couple of high class hookers. Thanks Benny!
  7. Great work, man. Thanks.
  8. Poster is in the cave bro...
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