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  1. No problem, I don't like the celebrity wing of WWE's HOF either, but learned my lesson about being an ass in how I voiced my opinion. Yeah OP could and should have got his opinion across without behaving like he did. I don't expect everyone to agree, I was just trying to diffuse the situation. It's all cool bro.
  2. Hi Dr Death, never got a chance to reply to your post as the thread got closed lol

    I honestly didn't see it as an opportunity for OP to get his opinions across. He says the HOF has always been a joke, but only because of a few celebrities... bit of an over reaction to 4 celebrities. I mean look at the long list of great and memorable Hall of Famers, who have set trends, who have inspired, who have entertained, who have paved the way. If that's a joke then I don't know how OP will ever be pleased.

    Just had to express what I felt.
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