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  1. I haven't seen The Elm st. remake nor care too lol. But I hear a Chucky remake is due soon. That should be good!
  2. Apology more than accepted. What step is that again? 4? Haha.
    I had tremendous issues following 5 combat tours and made some bad choices. Then was faced between a lot of pills or beer. No alcohol no drugs! My beer I amm able to consume like a gentleman so my hats off to me. Better than being a walking zombie on whatever dope the v.a gives me. I respect Hall but wish bad things on Hardy. He needs to be in the gutter to see what he has.
    The new Halloween series blows the old out of the water. So did the 13th. But Elm st. Remake was lacking a bit
  3. Well I stand corrected. I was not aware of your knowledge of Bill W. I apologize for my assumption. I offer a friendly hello. But with signature, Its in good fun. Trust me I walk the talk. I attend many meetings weekly, have excellent relationship w/ sponsor & am involved in a AODA out patient program, which I graduate either Tomorrow or Thursday. Its nice to know there are other friends of Bill W. on this site. Please accept my apology due to assumptions, it just seemed as though you were insulting addicts without knowledge. But you re right about not feeling sorry for those who do not accept help!
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