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  1. Kendrik! Why are you never on Yahoo Messenger? You need to get on so we can talk about my hook up with Ke$ha!
  2. Hey CH - I just took a dump that was at least a foot long. Solid too. You gotta get back on Yahoo Messanger so we can chat again. How's that hot little JAP sister of yours also?
  3. Last Activity: Today 03:41 PM - You were just on an hour ago! Get on Yahoo Messenger! OMG Dude.. You gotta come down to S. Beach!
  4. Dude I know you see these! Last Activity: 05-14-2012 07:58 PM.... Why don't you want to chat anymore?! WTF?
  5. Goldust Released from WWE!!! NOoooooo! Stupid Cody Rhodes getting the push.
  6. Buff Bagwell?!! NOoooooo. RIP Marcus. Why don't you message me?
  7. WHY dont you look at my messages?
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