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  1. Fair enough then bro! sounds like you work hard man I know what you mean.. My uncle has his own company which i work for and he's always getting asked about stuff and jobs available LOL
  2. I have a few projects I'm heading up, so it's madness. Don't want to give out names (people always badger me when they find out) I own a recruitment agency.
  3. Yeah i remember you saying you was busy with work man, What do you work as anyways bro?.
  4. You'll get used to it! Work is just crazy at the moment!
  5. Going to be weird not calling you Wade, Wade. Glad your still around though man!
  6. Just wanted a name change. I didn't realise I could ask for one!
  7. Thanks for the add bro! how come you did a new account though dude?.
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