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  1. Happy birthday my good sir!
  2. It's not that they're not doing well though.
    Jaguars, Rush, Suns and the Brewers are just as bad. But I get what you're saying.
  3. Personally I'd stick to whoever you've gone for. Ya can't hop teams due to them not doing so well!
  4. Dunno if London Broncos were the best choice to choose really. I have loads of teams that suck but I just don't feel anything from them...It's not cause they suck, I have quite a few that do worse ... just meh really. You reckon I should just stick with them or just pick a different 1.
  5. What about Mr. X?
  6. Dude. Need a bit of advice man.
  7. Ha! Fair enough dude!
  8. I'm calling you MoJo JoJo from now on :P lol
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