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  1. You been keeping your eyes on my boy Kendrick's rise?!
  2. While I'm thinking about it...

    I'm listening to this podcast now. The interview with Lex was nice and makes me want to read his new book. The interview with Carrie Dunn made me want to start searching a bit more British wrestling. Nothing news worthy, but if you get a chance, check it out.
  3. Yeah, I've heard that. Eminem is such a bloody beast.

    Listen to this mate. That song was so deep, nearly made me cry. True story as well.

  4. Not sure if this is the right link (because I can view youtube videos at work) but if it is, check out this freestyle rap from The Cypher.

    Mos drops first, Black thought carries the middle nicely, and Em kills the end.

  5. Not so much I'm paid to surf as much as my job requires that I am awake at all hours of the day/night; the internet as a tool to stay awake is encouraged. Why no fights; have you given up on the science of fighting?

    I am getting a kick out of current TNA and the BFG promises me that even if everything sucks, we'll still get to see Aries vs. Styles. I am also excited about Styles (with tweaked move set) against Joe and Bobby Roode. I really enjoyed the Rollins/Bryan match from RAW, but I'm not digging the "Weak Link" stuff. Not that he isn't performing well, I just don't care for him coming across how they were making AJ Lee look about 6 months ago; Crazy (ex)-Girlfriend. I am trying to wait as patiently as possible for this...

    What kind of food does your dad make for the take out? Is it a "Family Business?"

  6. Paid to surf the web? That's pretty awesome man! Yeah, I haven't had a fight since the New Year; I've been enjoying TNA so much. WWE's been pretty meh, but there are a few stuff I've been enjoying in Daniel Bryan; The Shield; Jericho, and I'm hyped for the Wyatt Family to debut. I've been working on Tuesday's & Wednesday's in my dad's takeaway, so it's all good so far.
  7. Can't complain since I'm getting paid to surf the web currently. How's the higher side of reality treating you? It's been a while because I have been removed on my days off / vacation so I vanish like a figment from time to time; makes it hard to keep in touch plus makes it that much more enjoyable when I come on and post a 5 page essay on why I am excited about things such as the Wyatt family and the return of the BFG Series.
  8. Me & you ain't talked in a while! How are you mate?
  9. Just type him up on YouTube, and there should be loads of tracks that come up. One track that I suggest, is Cashtastic ft. Wiley and Tereza - Only Human
  10. Haven't heard of him but I'll give him a listen. YouTube link or can I find him on iTunes?
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