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  1. Hell yeah, homie... Keep giving respect to that local underground!
  2. I will never stop overrating Kendrick haha. Although to be honest- I've been listening to more UK rap & RnB than him right now!

    Cheers as well bruv!
  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    So are you old enough now to finally stop overrating Kendrick or are you still stuck in that Teeny Bopper phase of musical taste? Haha!
  4. Ever heard of Derek Minor?

  5. Fucking phone...
  6. Damn this...
  7. Yes, by far. BOB's part was absolutely crazy- with all that pregnancy shit, and the baby not even being his. That was awesome.

    Another artist I've been looking out for is J.Cole. Have you heard Crooked Smile? I love how he's got funny teeth & eyebrows, and he embraces them features.
  8. That's the song. Both Kendrick and BOB blow past TI in the song... Like with the ease.

    I've been hearing a lot about Cypher but haven't caught it yet. Last track I actually was excited for in the rap game was actually BOB's "Through my Head". Track is amazing and the lyrical content is just potent. Short flow, but heavy content.

  9. Was that Memories Back Then with T.I, Kendrick, B.O.B & Kris Simmonds?

    I reckon he's the greatest at the moment... like in this era if you know what I mean? Not all time though. Have you heard Control, and his Cypher? Listen to them, they're fucking big.
  10. Last I saw was his video with TI. Guy has his own style and lyrical abilities, but I am not ready to put him in talks of the "greatest rapper of all time" just yet. I remember when people were saying the same thing about JA Rule, Memphis Bleak, and Murphy Lee.
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