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  1. Well, I have watched the match a few times now. I think the reason why the Cena/Punk match was so well received is because, as stated before, it was on a RAW. However, I think a bigger reason is because it seemed to be ‘unexpected’ which I don’t understand. Punk and Cena have had excellent chemistry in every match they have been in, so I don’t see why people had low expectations for this.

    I have a similar view in that PPV matches have a higher pay off because you paid into it, which adds more to the table. You can have excellent showings (Ben Henderson vs. Nate Diaz) on free TV, but when you add the $$ to it, it seems to be one notch closer to a “Match of the Year” candidate than something you were able to see for free. I appreciate the feedback and I was pretty interested in your take on it because you seem to be one person who has a similar mindset as I when it comes to the wrestling industry.
  2. The match was definitely good, especially for RAW. However I hold PPV matches at a higher level because of the $$ one has to pay to watch it. The match Cena and Punk had on RAW was about the same caliber of match we are used to seeing from these two except for a couple of unexpected moves that were used. In that sense I'd say yes it is being over-hyped and your theory stands. It's way too early to be saying that it's a match of the year candidate.
  3. Lol at your last VM. That was a funny exchange.

    Out of curiosity, did you happen to see the Cena/Punk match from RAW? The reason I ask is because I think the match is being overhyped (see the Cena/Punk match thread in the WWE section to see my theory) based on the fact that it wasn't expected... But because two performers pull out an unexpected match, would you bring that into thought when rating the match on a 5 star scale?
  4. If your interested in joining, the UFC contest is ready and the fights are tonight.
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