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  1. Ah, thanks! It's the handiwork of Krysys though, he does all posters for us, since he has an interest in graphic design as a hobby
  2. Really digging the Fallout graphic for EWNCW - did you make that?
  3. No worries...

    Just found the interview about British wrestling interesting.
  4. Cool, thanks for the link! I'll try and give it a listen if i get a spare moment!
  5. While I'm thinking about it...

    I'm listening to this podcast now. The interview with Lex was nice and makes me want to read his new book. The interview with Carrie Dunn made me want to start searching a bit more British wrestling. Nothing news worthy, but if you get a chance, check it out.
  6. A good day's work then

    As a player myself, a defensive player who likes to go into a tackle, I find it infuriating when these supposedly 'world class' players go down at the slightest touch or even when there's no contact at all. Really discredits the game when people cheat like that.

    Absolutely. I'll be honest, I've been pushing, saying that Ziggler's been ready for the top for the best part of 12 months. But I think he'll benefit from the slow buildup in the long run. I mean how many fast pushes have we seen ruined in recent years? ADR push mark 1, Sheamus push mark 1, Ziggler push mark 1, Swagger.
  7. I must say that my initial troll in that thread has resulted in my entertainment for the past few hours so I am happy with the outcome.

    And yeah, the overselling at footy games is pretty comical... Like HBK vs. Hogan Comical. But Zigs will find his rhythm with it all. He has a long road ahead of him so I am not upset that the WWE are taking their time to develop him; he could be a major focal point for the WWE for the next 15 years, so taking the time to invest in him really is in their best interest. They have done a great job of doing so over the past 2-4 years, even if the smarks think he should have been on top a while back and that this WHC is "overdue".
  8. Oh I know, hence my first post about how it was funny how that guy thought you were being serious lol!

    I too am of the opinion that he oversells, but I'm sure he'll tone it down with time.
    Not many things anger me more than the overselling that happens in football games
  9. That's okay bubba; I disagree with (almost) everything I said in the post too

    The only truth I spoke about Ziggles is that he "oversells" things a times, but it because he is putting everything he has into every move so it's a bit more forgivable than what you would see in a typical Soccer game
  10. Eh, I think it's interesting to have 5 top guys against each other to see who people like more.
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