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  1. No problem with me. I enjoy the depth in the stories which is why GITS and Bebop were so interesting to me. The levels of the story just seemed to go deeper and deeper. Death Note will have to be viewed for sure. Wolf's Rain I'll add to my "next series" list if you rate it this highly.

    Eureka was awesome to me. Picture Gundam only with a story that's not completely dumbed down to a kids level. I found it to be very entertaining. Big O was completely sick and had that feel of how Gigantor would be in a grownups world. And it also was everything that I could see happening if that was a "real" scenario.

    Trigun rates on the tops of my lists simply because for as much as the anime can follow that "typical kiddie" drawing they had for Vash, it matched the character. What I loved is when you started going deeper into the story with Rem and Knives. If you watch the series, the backdrops and detail to things (Peace Maker, Lost July, and Paradise) in the drawings are purly breathtaking.
  2. Awesome list, haven't seen Eureka seven yet but Big O and trigun are two of my absolute favorites. But you should really give Wolf's rain a try same with death note, the only thing is that Death note is more of a psychological story then an action anime, but its still one of the best
  3. Awesome. It has been one that caught my eyes a few years back but never really had the chance to get into it. Spent too much time in Trigun, Appleseed, Big O, Eureka Seven, and a few randoms. Hard to find the time to invest into them all, but when I can find the whole season(s) it makes it much easier.

    The other I was looking to get into was Death Note because I heard a lot of good things about it.
  4. The thread got closed before I could reply but I just wanted to say Wolf's Rain is an amazing anime. Its got similar artwork to BeBop but the stories are nothing alike. I will warn you though its one of teh sadest most serious, and best animes I've ever seen though
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