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  1. It's funny you know, I never saw Julia Louis Dreyfus as anything special (as in hot) until after Seinfeld.

    It's just a matter of taste. I'm sure not everyone is as mad about This Is England as me but what are you going to do?
  2. The only thing that the show did for me was to show JS's talent and to help further revive NPH's career. Others found the show to be an amazing comedy, but some made the same claim for shows like Joey and anything with the chick from Seinfeld. It's another show that I don't find myself "in the know" about, which is perfectly fine by me. Perhaps when it's played to death on syndication I might begin to enjoy the show, but from what I have seen so far, I don't feel I am missing out of the best show on television the way I felt when I caught Entourage in the middle of the second season.

    Honestly, its these 'songs of praise' that scare me away from the likes of Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, and Mad Men. This type of over-hyping could also why I didn't see Skyfall as the all be it all so many claimed it to be. Just like with the show Suits, you enjoy it or you don't but you should check out once to make your own decision ya know
  3. It's still topical. It's popular. You can't just ignore people are going to want to talk about it. To me the show was OK to begin with but lost it's way very fast and there are only a couple of redeeming qualities about that show and they both may very well be Jason Segal. Aside from that Ted makes me want to punch faces
  4. I understand... But honestly, HIMYM sucks. I have tried like hell to get into it, but it just doesn't strike my fancy. I don't see how it had the ability to hook so many into blindly following in it's implied legend. There were some funny parts, but there were also funny parts to the Flying Nun as well; both of which just weren't my bag, ya know.
  5. No I'm all for it normally. I'd rather see it in the CBoT thread but you know, it was becoming very specific. At least when we were talking about HIMYM we were discussing the culture surrounding their viewership. I think when it gets to the point you and Denny went to it's probably more at home in the tv thread
  6. More like the past 30 post have been directed towards television in some form or fashion (HIMYM hate/love and all) so I thought the idea was "fuck the television thread, keep the action flowing in CBOT" so I was following suit like the good little drone I am.
  7. bought that shit that B Mac was peddling? Dear god man!
  8. I thought you guys merged the TV thread with CBOT?

    Well I guess I deserve one of these

    for assuming and carrying on the conversation like that.
  9. Should probably take that convo to the TV thread now....
  10. Hey, did you get that PM I sent ya? Also, I plan on checking out your TWP post later because from what I've heard about it thus far, it sounds pretty juicy. I'll get back with you later when I'm at work and fully online; right now it is time to play with the kiddos. Cheers
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