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  1. No, apparantly some guy has uploaded 50+ hours of NWO stuff. It's titled 'NWO Anthology disc 1 of 44'!!! I never saw this stuff at the time
  2. I'm currently watching the NWO thing I posted in Blast From The Past. Hey I watched the Bully Ray thing on YouTube, very impressive
  3. Nope! Didn't read it but I promise I will.
  4. Yeah I love Cloris Leachman and Martha Plimpton has really grown on me, though I really didn't like her around the time of the Goonies or when she was with River. I got past that. It's a show I have been meaning to get to for sure
  5. Hey I watched this Australian movie that you should check out, it's sort of set in the Aussie mining community. It's called The Last Of The Knucklemen, thought you might enjoy it. If nothing else it provides a nice snapshot of time
  6. Just get rid of a couple of the quotes
  7. I think your sig is getting to long my man
  8. Haha you're a bit late to the table. Did you read the whole thing yet?
  9. This Taker/Punk/Streak debate could be rather interesting between the two of us
  10. Down south it has been used for a comical reference (the whole brown skin/orange finger tips is a stereotype used for black kids who eat ample amounts of them as their parents continue to ignore their health issue and/or can't afford a 'real meal' for their kids to eat) and is tied into them being a product that is readily purchased with food stamps. That's why there was such a glorious win; because these thoughts/stereotypes obviously were the last thing on your mind when you made the comment.
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