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  1. Here's the current page I'm on...

    I'm skimming through mass sites and this one happens to at least label who and where the clips are from. Rather helpful in a overpopulated gif world.
  2. What gif site?
  3. I'm sure you are correct in that assumption...

    Currently I am stuck between the land of the lost minds and this new gif site I am currently viewing. For the sake of my sanity, I have to pull away from the page once in a while or else my boredom will suck me into a vortex of confusing imagery that will leave my brain paralyzing, thus bringing back a memento from the event helps me to keep my levels of inception in distinct order...

    I think I just made my brain hurt in coming up with a way to say I am bored as all fuck.

    Wait, what year is it?
  4. I'll be sure to use that. And I'm sure the opportunity to use it soon will present itself
  5. This gif is for you...

    For the next time Donny says something that makes you think, WTF?
  6. Thanks brother, happy fathers day to you too! (it's actually FD later in the year here for some reason) Feelin' the love!
  7. Happy Father's Day! I hope you have a blast today and that your girl give you more smiles than your cheeks can handle; enjoy it!
  8. Good news bro
  9. No man; I don't live in the town of West, TX but I live in Western Texas. However, I do have some friends who were from that area. They were not hurt in the blast but will be affected by it as they worked for the Plant. Been a few crazy weeks between that, issues with a member of the family's health (not immediate; wife's grandmother), and the work being "strange", I have had little time to be online.

    Thanks for the concern though. Made me feel somewhat special
  10. You're nowhere near Waco I hope?
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