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  1. K, but u gotta wait til Tewsday cuz thats when the Piggly Wiggly pools the money out there safe...

    Fewerd me the a count thingy majig and I'll get cuzin tom to send ya the cash... cuz he got lernd at the kinder garden so he nos that stuf
  2. Cir, I will take you're case! Please forward me the lawyer engage fee of $6000 to the banck account I will Private message you
  3. High...

    Imma seaking lawyerin fer my triple wide gettin that there pict'd up and throwned over yonder by a nader. Can I sue Barry O. Bama (Roll Tide) fer not payin me my cost of $1,390,390 in damages that he costed this hole park by not given us nuf time to wern us to git outta the park?

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