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  1. You're not the only one with that issue homie; it's perhaps my greatest hurdle to overcome when making new friends. My closest family and friends all think and act this way which makes it much more fun to get into a conversation about random things from the potential creatures of the ocean to effects of a global economy on individuals with the positioning we have in society. No topic is taboo and no one gets mad; sure conversations become heated at times but that doesn't mean resentment has to follow a great exchange of ideas.
  2. Yea, I don't get the purpose of putting out an idea if you aren't ok with talking about where you might disagree with someone. The idea of a place like this is to discuss things, not stroke each others egos haha... Sadly that seems to be a common theme with people anymore. They don't want growth, they want to feel good about themselves. They don't want to better themselves because they are already infallible obviously!

    This is where people actually begin to dislike me... When I try to talk about things and not just agree with them.
  3. If I choose not to agree with them, I will present information as to why, and then still walk away knowing that we each have our own opinion. I don't have to make someone admit that I am right to understand why what I believe has merit behind why I believe in it. So many look for others to confirm what they think; sad to see the psychology of how a lack of knowledge is instilling a lack of confidence in the youth.
  4. I take the same stance of "ignore the ignorant" as you do, but I went out of my way this time to try and help. It works at times (prime example being K2) and I don't think that WD_08 is a complete mark, but his markish tendencies are bordering on the lines of what is savable and what is to be thrown back due to diseases. And yes, I always give the nod to the fact that others have their stance on a topic but that doesn't mean I have to agree with them.
  5. Wow Den Den, you of all people admitting that life and the conversations that occur during it are not always a debate - I am baffled at your growth! Sadly, most can't follow you thought because to admit flaws or change thought would mean that they were fallible and we all know that this current next generation are borderline Gods so that is unacceptable thinking... You know, admitting to fault.

  6. I think people forget that this isn't a debate... You can admit flaws in your logic or even change your perception on things if someone uses proper reason to destroy what you believed to be true. That's called learning! haha

    As long as he continues to follow that path, of pushing his ideas down our throat while not listening to why we believe he's wrong he's not even worth replying to IMO. If I were to prove something you said to be untrue you'd listen and change your belief on it or just refute whatever I said but at least you'd acknowledge my refutation existed! lol
  7. I can understand that everyone has their opinion and they should stand behind what they think, but there comes a point when blindly believing something without properly seeking an outside view keeps you ignorant to the actual topic at hand. It is blatant that he cares not about decent conversation with individuals and only the justification of his own opinions which is truly saddening because I have never felt that I needed other to agree with me to feel justified in my stance on something. As much as he preaches being an "anti-sheep" he is just as big of one because he care only the hear others who "baaah" the way he does.
  8. It's hard to discuss with someone like that. He doesn't care about your opinion he just wants to skew his perception of the world as if he's some sort of infallible being. You are right, dealing with someone like that is bizarre and borderline frustrating if you actually want to converse in any meaningful manner.
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