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  1. Happy Birthday
  2. Both. I bought BoG whereas LGTP was a once or twice thing. Chad Michael Michaels is awesome and what's even better what Craig T Neislen as the coach. Classic movie and made me love John Heder for more than just N. Dynamite.
  3. Really it does sound interesting. I will watch it for sure. Have you ever seen Blades of Glory or Lets go to prison?
  4. Oh but you should; a complete bash of the "coming of age" tales, equipped with cameos from Melissa Joan Hart (Drive me Crazy, Sabrina, Can't Hardly Wait), Sean Patrick Thomas (Can't Hardly Wait, Cruel Intentions, Save the Last Dance), and the wonderful Molly Ringwald (16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club) cameo. You should find it as soon and give it a watch because it does a wonderful job in mocking those girls who I went to high school with that loved the movies like Can't Hardly Wait, 10 Things I hate about you, and the ever so popular She's all that.
  5. I've never watched that movie bro
  6. Awesome to come back online and see some clips of Horrible Bosses.

  7. Nuff said
  8. Can't help it; I love stupid humor. I think I've watched the movie "The 3 Amigos" at least 150 times.

    Speaking of stupid comedy; have you see Raising Hope? I caught the first 4 episodes when the show launched but I've been watching the seasons with my wife and it is pretty funny. Reminds me of a more polished Trailer Park Boys with some of the wrong words they choose to use.
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