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  1. I've got it on pre-order from as it came with a postcard hand signed by the band.
  2. Well i would be more unset over that LOL

    She knows that real fans will get the music without cheating her out of the credit in some way
  3. It probably does suck for an artist. Chad (her Boyfriend and NFG member) was asked how it felt to have an album leak and he responded "Nothing I can do about it, I guess it means people are still interested in checking out our music but I know our true fans will go out and by the album and come to our shows". I'm guessing she probably feels the same, She was probably more upset about posting that topless pic of herself on twitter. haha
  4. I bet she is raging!
  5. Yeah, someone told Hayley on twitter. she replied saying it sucked. It was leaked by a reviewer in Argentina.
  6. I know lol

  7. Love this song sooooo much!!!

    Their new album leaked today apparently.
  8. No problem
  9. Thanks Ashley.
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