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  1. so...did ya forget about the promo? You got like 2 hrs left to get it to me
  2. I wont be on tomorrow, so you'll have to make sure you do it bro
  3. Itll be up tomorrow. send me a visitors message tomorrow as soon as you get on so I dont forget to send it.
  4. hey how goes the promo bro?
  5. No worries. Everyone has a jam up occasionally
  6. Thanks!! I was trying to get my parents to leave forever lolol
  7. It's all good bro. I understand.
  8. Yeah dude, Im sorry. I had to go straight from school to a town an hr away to visit someone then eat, then come back. sorry! D:
  9. The next promo assignment I get out to you, you need to make sure you get it to me on time.
  10. Hit me bakc with the next part. I'll be on for 2 more hours, and really want to make this a dynamite promo
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