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  1. All done bro! Thanks again man, was fun.
  2. Cool mate.
  3. Alright bro cool Okay, so I'm going off for a little while- I'll be back on later, send the others and I'll do them when I come back, alright?
  4. I can tell you its been very interesting and many will enjoy it so don't worry.
  5. Ha! I don't mind mate, don't want it being boring for anyone else though Might be too much too read, perhaps. Your show though chico, I'm happy to answer what you want me too.
  6. Really? Ha ok then I'll send you a few more then
  7. Alright bro, it's your choice.. I really don't mind
  8. How about doing the one I've send you and one more. You can send it to me later if you want.
  9. Yeah it has man, enjoyed it Yeah I think we can. I'll stay on for about another 30 minutes maybe, but I'll be back on later bro.
  10. Its been a pleasure so far bro, how much more you can handle? I think we can finish this tonight.
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