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  1. You mean Hall and Nash

    Yeah but we enjoyed our run even though it wasn't a big one
  2. Appreciate that bro, thank you! Just a shame we couldn't kick more ass and win titles as Hall & Ramon.
  3. I'm sure you guys are doing well running your efed

    WWEfed was the best thing during the days i was here
  4. The WWE Fed?

    Sadly had to close it man. It had an awesome run.. Did really well but when this place starting going down hill, people left without notice or reason and it left quite a few feds in a bad moment and needing to make a lot of changes. All feds then pretty much closed and now there's only one open and the interest has picked up and it's doing okay, it's doing well.

    It's PWR- I'm on creative there with Shaz & Zero
  5. What happened to your efed?
  6. Haha! Good one.

    I know
  7. I tried to upload bayern vs porto on porntube but they don't accept rape.

    Ha the irony is/was that efed is actually the most important section and is keeping this alive.
  8. Thanks man. How about you, all good?

    Yeah doing well. Got the right manager, couple of new additions and we will be good to challenge on all fronts again hopefully.

    I know They did alright overall though. Nobody expected that win in the first leg.

    Yeah it is only the efed section and that's why I'm still around
  9. Nice bro. Glad that all are ok in your life

    United is getting better, finally

    Porto got killed last night

    Only the efed section looks alive. And many believed that one day the efeds will kill the forum, lol
  10. Ha! Good times.

    That's fair enough mate.

    Life is good, can't complain really bro. United are doing better so I'm happy!

    Yeah forum is dead. Has been for a while but it is.. what it is now man. I'm still around and a couple of others are.
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