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  1. Haha.

    Its a conspiracy

    * Awful imitation of R-Truth*
  2. LOL! Why else do you think I'm the Adrenaline and Longest reining champion in HWA!
  3. I saw what yoyu did there,trying to be friendly with the boss

    I got my eyes on you
  4. Okay deal.
  5. I do love you but let's keep this a secret
  6. Same.. He's weird also

    Haha I know Come on Magg's.. You know you love me too.
  7. Idk who he is,everybody loves you around here

    or they don't.....

    or they do

  8. That's true.. Okay, fine.. You can stay.

    No idea.. who is he anyways? He's annoying.
  9. But you will have no one to talk about FM

    What Shaz's doing here?
  10. Then I hope you get banned Bichano!
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