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  1. The one thing you need to know about Kara is that it doesn't matter how old is he because he plays with his heart

    But he will always be remembered from the GATE 13
  2. I can imagine.. been a good player over the years, I'm surprised he joined the premier league mind.
  3. Off course man.When he left from Pao i was really sad
  4. I see Karagounis has gone too Fulham then bro, You like him don't you?
  5. Ok mate looking forward to your work
  6. Likely tomorrow mate.. I'm yet too finish the writing for it.

    Had too work away since Friday
  7. Well to be honest i want him to stay

    So RAW tonight?
  8. I would love too have him back I know there is a big divide in the Madrid camp between the Spanish and the Portuguese speakers.
  9. Real is prepare to give him a new contract for 16 m per year but Ronaldo said is not about the money.He doesn't get respect from his teammates and the club
  10. That would be fucking awesome! Can't see it though man.
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