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  1. So you lost,its the same scenario again.Trust me start a new and won the first game and you will see the difference

    Anyways i'm off for now,gonna watch

    The good

    The bad

    and the Dutch movie
  2. Well I did lose my first game.. missed two penalties like I said though.. many people are complaining of the same things, there must be something wrong.
  3. Nah i believe you i just wanted to know if you tried everything.I had Panathinaikos for 8 years in FM12 and i noticed that the first league match its the most important.When i was winning the first match i had great seasons and easy title wins.But when i was losing or draw i was struggling at first and i was only taking narrow wins
  4. Yeah mate, I'm no rookie on this game and have done the championship loads of times.. the only thing I think it could be is because I put my experience and Sunday league footballer, would that make a difference? check FM base, plenty are complaining of the same thing.
  5. Hmm they made it harder.Did you try other formations?
  6. Cool

    I got good players, my team is playing well.. dominating nearly ever game, morale is good and yet.. can't win many games, drawling or losing, never gone more then 1-0 up and if I don't score first I lose.. it's so fucked up.

    same player having shots from like 30 yards every game, miss placed passes and team having like 20 shots while scoring maybe on goal while the computer have like 5 shots and score 2.

    so many people having the same problems and there working on a patch already, sometimes I wonder why I buy this game Haha.
  7. Stanley bet

    That sucks men,you need some good players.

    What kind of problems?
  8. Nice man! who do you bet with?

    Also struggling big time with FM, I'm in the fucking relegation zone with Blackpool and my mate is just about above it, been checking on the internet.. loads of complaints about the match engine and it not working properly, I knew there was a reason.. never done this bad before ever.
  9. That's class man.I played it live betting at HT to win 3-1.And i played it again to win 2-3 when the score was 2-1
  10. Haha! I was buzzing man.. he won me money too! I had United to win at 2-0 down

    I had Terry to score first today also #Lucky
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