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  1. Doing a promo at the moment dude, will check the FM thread in a little bit.
  2. LOL! No worries man.
  3. Thanks man i really appreciate this

    Brakes a couple plates and does the Zorba dance
  4. Haha! all will be sorted man.. We want you here
  5. The only reason i joined this place is because you asked me to do and i have to say its a really good e-fed.Thank you for understanding my jokes
  6. Just let the dust settle man.. it will all be sorted mate, I knew you was joking and maybe he did not.

    Either way I'm not letting you leave Haha!
  7. I've never had a problem with him.In fact i used to like the guy till now.I've never caused a problem before, at lest no one had ever complained about me.I always treat people with respect even in an internet forum.I don't know what is his problem it was a joke.I talk like this to everyone.If they don't like me i can't be around them
  8. Don't be silly and leave man.. I spoke with Eddie.

    Clearly you guys have a problem, but as far as i'm concerned you don't bring it too the WWE Fed.
  9. See ya man
  10. Amigo, I'm going too sleep man.. speak tomorrow.
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