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  1. Do you still watch wrestling?
  2. Ha! I knew it man. Can't blame you though bro.
  3. Shut up you fool

    Yeah still doing that lol

    Free stuff are always better
  4. Got the looks of beetlejuice too from what I hear man..

    So what you doing these days, apart from still pirating wrestling shows and movies Ha!
  5. Ha really

    I show up like beetlejuice you only have to call me three times
  6. That's cool man. I'm fine with that

    Funny enough, it was the only the other day me and Shaz were talking about you and other lads from the Football banter thread. Then you returned.. It was like magic lol.
  7. Yeah for now. Not constantly but you'll see me around
  8. Haha!

    Yeah good times amigo. So, are you sticking around?
  9. Careful chico you don't wanna mess with the big guy

    Good times brother
  10. LOL! Yeah.. I must have mentioned myself twice because I was twice as good as you Joking. Off course I meant Hall and Nash, it's late over here and that's my excuse lol.

    Indeed. It was good fun and we got too team up, so that was cool.
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