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  1. Well that sucks at least my pc shows me what i want
  2. LOL! You have the Greek dodgy version. It's Diego dude- That's what I've seen on all of them.
  3. I swear it writes Samoa Joe to my pc.
  4. It says on there.. Cesaro vs Diego You need glasses amigo.
  5. What I've read from wikipedia, here is a link
  6. Yeah I know all about it- I just didn't know that was the title.

    He's facing Samoa Joe? Everyone I've seen says he's facing Diego? Hope it is Joe- That would be awesome.
  7. He is facing Samoa Joe. Lesnar faces Kofi in the show. Its a WWE Network PPV event. I found the main card in wikipedia and i was surprised.
  8. Oh is that what NXT are calling there Japan tour? If so, Yeah I seen it the other day. Pretty cool- I thought Cesaro could have had a better opponent though. I'm sure he's facing Diego, kinda strange.
  9. Beast in the East- What's that mate?
  10. Have you seen the line up for Beast in the East?
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