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  1. I'm glad to see a bit more activity in the forums recently. Some usual posters returned as well.
  2. Well I will for certain, off course. I enjoy this kind of thing.
  3. Its something good to read and i must you and Shaz should pay attention to these interviews, they do say some very interesting stuff about PWR.
  4. Cool Yeah man, that's great- I'm pleased they did and it's good to have an interview show back.
  5. Yeah 4th.

    OMB mate, i think i'll ask Tommy or ech next. We are actually half way through this interview. They showed a lot interest to these interviews.
  6. I'm sure it will mate- Hope so anyways.

    Great idea to air it live too, should be cool. 4th of July, yeah?

    BTW- Who's the next interview?
  7. You had me at first, i hope the match to get enough air time
  8. Jericho? Where the hell are you getting these names from?

    Yeah! He's on there, should be a class match! Excited for that one.
  9. I'll ask from it to show me that. Jericho is on the show right? Against Neville.
  10. Haha! Let's hope yours says.. Lana vs Nikki Bella vs Paige - Strip match! Now that would get the show rocking.
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