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  1. Yeah too easy! Barca losing was a surprise but Real Sociedad deserved the win.
  2. Ronnie is always class bro.They destroyed Valencia in one half
  3. See, no need for me anyways Honestly though mate.. felt bad for saying no but it is about time, don't think I'm just saying no because I don't want too or anything.

    Also, Class win for Madrid! Another quality performance from Ronnie.
  4. Oh yeah it looks really good.Can't wait to start
  5. Roster for Grand Prix is looking good man!
  6. I will think about it man, I was having a look earlier before you even asked It's just the time man.
  7. LOL! Thanks man.. that's a real honor for me to hear that. I'm glad I am doing him justice and portraying him well, thanks for the feedback man.
  8. Dude i've read some of your Rock promos and i felt the need to tell you that all of them are awesome.I really liked the last one talking about Jericho and the Glee reference funny stuff.Its like listening the real Rock talking
  9. Awesome! Ronaldo <3
  10. yes he did and when Casillas came in CR7 went to give him the captain's patch but Casillas said no
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