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  1. Punk's been gold as champion though! But yeah

    I'm off anyways man! catch you later.
  2. Yeah we finally can stop hearing how many days lol
  3. Yeah was awesome seeing Rock with the title! Marked out hard for that moment
  4. I really enjoyed it . I loved it when Rock got the win, is awesome to see him one more time champion. Cena winning the Rumble pleased me a lot. Maybe because I'm a fan of him but i thing he had an awful 2012 and when you are the face of a wrestling company i think its fair to get big wins. It was predictable but when it was Cena vs Ryback as the final two members for a second i thought Ryback was going to win
  5. I did mate.. I enjoy most of the shows, was not as good as I had hoped but seeing the Rock with the title once more was awesome! The actual Rumble was not the best though and it was a little predictable with Cena winning. The Surprise of Jericho was amazing, did not expect that.

    You mate?.
  6. Did you enjoy the RR man?
  7. Cool bro!
  8. In work at the moment bro. If I don't read it now.. I will when I get home later.
  9. Hey bro I'm gonna post the GP2 finals in a couple hours if you have time check it out
  10. Yeah i fell asleep
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