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  1. Same here amigo.

    Seriously really tough weeks bro!
  3. Good to hear man.

    How you been anyways bro?.
  4. Absolutely its something that i always wanted to do with you
  5. I understand mate.

    Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad you are sticking around with Nash.
  6. If you haven't read this here it is.

    Ok boys here it is i'm officially retiring from being member of the e-feds. I want to stay as a writer only and i think i'm better on that. I'm doing this for two reasons. A) Joining many e-feds had took me away valuable time to write GP matches and B) My promos are really boring and repeatable since i returned in the e-feds. My work is not making me happy.

    So I'm willing to finish any storylines are planned for me and then i will retire. I believe i will re-join the e-feds one day don't know when but everyone comes back. Now i'm only gonna keep one character in one e-fed for a short run. Nash in the WWE-efed cause i always wanted to team up with THBK. I'll retire him when i feel ready to do so.

    Sorry if this will cause you any problems.
  7. Part sent to Niall!
  8. Cheers man.
  9. Sure bro.
  10. Bro.. Can you send Niall your part of the Outsiders promo please.
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