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  1. What about now?I'm looking a tag-team partner
  2. Haha Y2Jryder=Fearless
    Are e-fedding bro?
  3. a pretty long time ago
  4. Really you were ban before?
  5. I'm already been banned so what's the worst thing that can happen
    It's already in the thrash pile
  6. I know bro but they are mods
  7. I doesn't matter what the mods like
  8. You should edit your thread because the mods will shut it down.They don't like one sentence threads
  9. If you haven't read that i am posting that right here
    Quote Originally Posted by magglis View Post
    We are Greeks bro after the 1955-1959 war with England they forced us to make a new country and they didn't let us unite with Greece,then 1974 Turkey invade to Cyprus and started a war against us and now they have the half island under their custody illegal and they want to make a new country with our land
    We have the same language same religion same history same education same art same music and even the same cuisine with Greece
  10. Check the football thread i'm explaining everything
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