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  1. Cool bro can you send me the parts?
  2. Annndddd... here I am for the first time in almost 2 days. Yeah, we worked on it and I sent him a message saying to keep it the way it was and add more of his humor when The Butcher didn't come back. I thought we were done?
  3. Do you have an update for the promo man?

    I need it today
  4. No worries bro thanks for sending the whole thing
  5. Sent you the stuff. Sorry it ALL didn't get sent to you in the first place. Wasn't in charge of it but now I know better. Sorry again dude.
  6. Bro do you have anything more to add in your promo with TTC?
  7. Ok man let HJ know about this
  8. I'll do it tonight. SORRY about the delay. I've had a hell of a week man. I'll have it to you guys by at east 7pm my time. (It's 3:36pm now.)
  9. Hey R(ob) we need he promo today man the show must be up tonight.Please send your promo to HJ
  10. And your cake
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