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  1. So what's the deal with the GP man? It's been a while since I handed in that promo now, and I don't see any update on the show going up.
  2. Its ok bro not your fault
  3. I just finished and sent it on to you man. sorry for the delay.
  4. Ok man i just don't want to delay this show more.
  5. Damn, sorry man. I did get a message back from HJ saying that he had been busy, but he didn't say that he coudln't do the promo so I was assuming he'd be sending me something, but he hasn't. I'll get on it now. Sorry.
  6. Hey bro i need the promo.
  7. I'm sure you will found a way. Especially now since he joined with Slayde as a heel
  8. Excellent. I've worked with SEZ in the WWE fed before and it was great. Hope we can recreate that again if we do indeed face each other!
  9. Yeah and probably you will face SEZ
  10. Oh yeah, I didn't realize the implications of Jose not turning up lol!
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