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  1. Happy birthday champ!!
  2. Hey bro can you make a sticky thread for Grand Prix?

    Just the links for the Show and the Discussion thread
  3. Glad to hear that man.I won't be back anytime soon in the e-feds man,thanks for the invitation though.And good luck with your new project i'm sure you will do great things there
  4. Ahh, it was more a case of not living in the ideal place to be eFedding lol.. I've got the bachelor pad now, and things are going swimingly!

    Hope you know the door is always open for you to join BITW.

    Just say the word, dude.
  5. Dude you're back, hope everything is ok with your life now
  6. thanks Ka$h
  7. Happy birthday, bro!!
  8. Bro check JBW's show thread now
  9. Thanks bud and yes is a crazy combination
  10. Perfect, dude!

    I'm sure I'll find the perfect way to debut him.

    D-Bry and Cessaro? Now thats a scary thought!

    Great work, bruv.
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