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  1. I'm up for it...

  2. Well i was doing this with Wade two days ago sending to each other good movie gifs you game?
  3. Cheers mate. And no worries; I have thick enough skin that nothing is going to offend me. I emotions might ignite but that's expected when you're talking about something you're passionate about. But we're all good and there's nothing to fret over. Enjoy the day off.
  4. Hey Drg as much as would like to keep this going i have to go to bed. Today is my day off and i spent last night it talking to you. Enjoyable though. We can do it tomorrow. And remember if i said anything in my posts that offended you its all part of the banter nothing serious. And I'm sure you are not like Dennis who reacts when he is involved in this kind of arguments
  5. Yeah when i said that i was meaning Real and UTD that its not a random thing that they are up there. I should have explained that better but i was typing really fast. Never meant that football teams are richer than NFL
  6. Which is why I am doing my best to keep it going...

    Does that explination help clarify why I am making you site your sources and see why I wanted you to use Forbes to reference what you were saying. You might not have thought you said it, but you made a claim that Soccer football clubs were the richest. Yes, there are 2 in the top 5 (4 in the top 10) but there are also fewer in the top 50 as a whole than what is there with the NFL. Combined, the wealth of the NFL teams is greater than that of the Soccer teams.
  7. I do enjoy the banter in an argument, don't take seriously what i say.Its all always part of the banter. But i prefer this kind of conversations every damn day instead of reading Dennis post about gotis and his girlfriend
  8. I think we managed to frighten everyone off from our () "serious debate"...

    Ah well, it was fun while it last
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