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  1. Yeah great stories

  2. Explains why we're such simple people

    I go into them knowing that it's not going to be anything "ground breaking" so I have no expectations. If it makes me laugh, it served it's purpose... Sometimes you end up getting a brilliant story out of it like with Idiocracy

  3. To be honest i love this cheap comedy too. I always liked simple stuff in life
  4. Yeah, I get a kick out of the "stupid" comedies for the simple fact that it gives your brain a chance to stop and allows a few cheap laughs to better the heart. The parodies are always great - Not another teen movie was one of my favorites right out of high school.
  5. Big fan of Idiocracy too
  6. Emilio Estevez FTW

    Loaded Weapon 1 funny flick

  7. Did you ever see this movie?

  8. True legend of comedy

  9. Dead and Loving It... lol. Pretty funny flick. Love Nielsen movies.

  10. fan of this?

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