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  1. Anytime, I'm ready to go.
  2. Hey, plan on I'm going to have you take part in the WBC main series in the near future, that is if you are interested
  3. I know dude. He doesnt get it. Nobody's slamming sting or not appreciative of his accomplishments. We are just talking future. Sting is past his prime now and is just getting older. If I were to point out how displeased I would be if Bruno took the first wm main event spot from Hogan, Piper and Paul that doesnt make me a disrepectful Sammartino hater. It's pointless to have a discussion with that dude. He just goes off at the mention of Sting if its not worship. I almost think that dude could be actually
  4. Lol..that guy can't be reasoned with
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